Most of people do not know that what the differences are between the Republic of China (R.O.C) and the People’s Republic of China (P.R.C). There are two overlapping Chinas. One is Taiwan, and the other one is P.R.C. However, it is not right for the existence of two Chinas. 

A long time ago, the R.O.C controlled entire China region. It was ruled by the Nationalist Party. After the emergence of the P.R.C and a great deal of change, the R.O.C, lead by the Nationalist Party, moved to so called Taiwan, where they remain.   

Most of people think that the P.R.C is China, some people still think the R.O.C is part of the P.R.C.. There is an unusual and unique relationship between them. Most of people from the P.R.C. believe that Taiwan is an indispensable land of the P.R.C.. Because of the historical links between Taiwan and the P.R.C., such as when Taiwan was forced to be ceded to Japan, Taiwan and P.R.C. share quite a lot of Chinese culture, but they are not the same. 

It is interesting that the people of the P.R.C. are taught that Taiwan is a treasure island belonging to the P.R.C till now . But, the education in Taiwan is quite to the contrary. Taiwan is an independent country. The P.R.C have been suppressing the nationality of the Taiwanese for a long time. The R.O.C. often is forced to use the name “China, Taipei” instead of Taiwan in international events.

The people in Taiwan and the P.R.C speak the same language and most of them are of the Han nation, but they are holding two different versions of history. However, through the changing of history, the life style, the freedom of speech and expressions, education, and perceptions are vary between Taiwan and the R.P.C..

I do not know how long the issue of Taiwan and the R.P.C. will exist; maybe till the end of the world. The 1.3 billion population of the R.P.C. still clutches the twenty-three million population of Taiwan. This issue might be just a small argument for the whole world. This tangling history still exists till now. Although it is getting clear, however, there are many differences between the perceptions of most of Taiwanese and Chinese.