001 Liam Scarlino

born in 1988, based in London, animator. 


002 Lee Yueh Ching

born in 1954, Taiwanese, business woman.


003 Chen Kuan J.

born in 1980, Taiwanese and graphic designer. 


004 Cho Chen Yu Lan

born in 1923, Taiwanese and a mother of 5 sons 4 daughters.


005 Lee Patty

born in 1988, based  in Taiwan. An actress,TV presenter and doodler.


006 Lee Eugene

born in 1987, Taiwanese florist in his studio and also airbnb.


007  Zeng Isaac

born in 1987, photographer and broccoli lover.


008  Liu Tzu Hsuan

born in 1988, designer and a lovely girl.


009 Wu Zong Yan

born in 1989, instagrammer, designer and funny boy.


010 Lee Catherine

born in 1986, everything about movie. Work as production, art, makeup, translator, anyway, behind the scene. 



011 Ko Elsa

born in 1989, work as marketing and love mountains.



012 Wang Emma

born in 1988, very warm person and she is a photographer.



013 Huang Jamie

born in 1985, bookworm and freelance editor.


014 Wang Li Chun

born in 1988, Sales at Taiwanese brand shop and love to murmur.


015 Chang Yumi

born in 1987, laughing everyday and always look happy.



016 Chen Yung Sheng

born in 1987, very positive person and everyday is about "A ball".


017 Kuo Stanley

born in 198? (secret), editor based in Taiwan and he knows how to look cool.



018 Hsiao Mu Chen

born in 1984, creative girl who loves to eat bread but not rice.



019 Hsu Wan Chun

born in 1987, loves to hide loves to eat and always busy. 



020 Hong Fico

born in 1989, cats lover and sometimes take photo sometimes design. 



021 Lin Zooey

born in 1989, a studio owner, selling kid's clothing.


022 tsai Yishan

born in 1987, love reading and enjoy me time.

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 4.56.06 PM.png

023 tsao chiawen

born in 1988, a tatto for grand dad. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 4.57.11 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 4.57.25 PM.png

024 Liu Jiayen

born in 1990, a teacher for kids and love nature.